Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Moving Sidewalks and Boscoff Cookies.

As you all know, the boys and I headed to LaPine to spend the 6 weeks that Mark is in training with my parents. Well here are some tales from our adventures on the plane.

Saturday morning we woke up (at the butt crack of dawn) and headed to the Pittsburgh International Airport. Once we got there and got through security, we had a little bit of time to kill. Our gate was right outside of the moving sidewalk entrance/exit. So in true Braxton style we rode them over and over again. However Braxton didn't ride them on his feet. He sat on them like a parade queen waving at people we passed. Once we'd get to the end I'd lift him up and transfer him to the one moving the opposite direction. We did this until it was time to say goodbye to Mark and board the plane. (I stupidly didn't pack the camera in the carry on. So I don't have any pictures of this)

Has anybody ever had to change a diaper on the plane? This was a dilemma that plagued me for weeks before we actually got on. Then I felt a little relief seeing that there was a changing table in the lavatory. Little did I know what an adventure that table, Braxton and I would have. So on our flight to Portland from Cincinatti (five hour flight) Braxton did what every child in diapers will inevitably do. He had a code brown. So thinking that I'm good to go because there is a changing table I confidently walk into the lavatory with the diaper and wipes ready to go to war. What I wasn't ready for was the fact that the table had the tactical advantage. The table was only about as long as Braxtons body. So I lay him down with his head up against one wall - and his butt about an inch away from the other. His legs went straight up the mirror. Then we hit turbulence. Thank god for solid poops. Other wise the &@$%^ would have literally hit the fan.
(This happened three times while we were on the plane.)

You know how they give you little cookies or what not on the plane? Well Delta hands out what they call Boscoff cookies in packs of two. Braxton ate about 5 of these packs. With a vengence too. Just one after the other. (These are probably the reason for all the code browns.) It was all Braxton would eat all day. Until we got to McDonalds. Of course. Healthy just wasn't in the cards I guess.

I have to give a shout out real quick to my father in law, without him this trip would have been impossible. This crazy man flew to Pittsburgh on Friday, then Saturday accompanied me and my two children back to the other side of the states. Somehow he managed not to look exhausted. Amazing.

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