Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boom Boom Pow.

Mark's Mom, Dad and Sister came down for a vist at the end of June. We did some fun stuff - and I'm going to blog about as much of it as I can. Somebody still has all the pictures we took of our segway tour of the district on his camera. I can't believe he hasn't gotten them to me. I mean - it's not like he works 80 hours a week or anything. (Just kidding!)

Our trip to Mt. Vernon was deemed an acceptable trip for me to take my own camera, so I have a few pics from that I can show.

I've wanted to go visit Mt. Vernon since Mark and I packed our bags and became transplants. For reasons I'll not discuss here - it hasn't made it onto our itinerary. Until last month. I was sooo excited - downright bubbly about it. So, Monday morning we packed up and headed out. We had a few "donde esta" moments - and Sue Sue led us up to the gate at the bottom of Bowling Green. (I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to drive your car through that...) But we did make it.
I only got this one shot of the sheep because they were totally freaking Kieran's shiz out. So I had to snap and go. A sheep says Baaaaa.

We made it.
Mr. and Mrs. Gadgeteer. Apparently the audio tours weren't working properly. This accounts for the hard core concentration.
The garden. This is all we saw of it. We decided a bunch of veggies is not cool enough to haul the stroller down the stairs to see... or something like that. It might have been Braxton's constant mewing of "I want to see the animals now!!!". Either way - this is where G. Washington got his greens.

Oh man, this view was so gorgeous. So pretty, I forgot to take a picture when I got a little closer. Ooops.

The trip was going pretty well - until someone started shooting at us.

Ok, not really. My stroller tire exploded. I was busy trying to get a picture of the "dung repository" (who doesn't need a picture of the "dung repository") when we heard a loud bang. Like the kind of loud bang where everyone hits the ground. Peggy kept exclaiming "Sarah, it's you - it's you!!!" I was like "WTF? My camera shutter is not that loud!" and then I looked at where all the dust was settling. Dangnabbit!!! This tire here ended our trip to Mt. Vernon that day.
Well - after some lunch anyway. "Mom, look how much of a mess I made."Just FYI for anyone who is thinking about packing a lunch. Peanut butter and smushmallow sandwiches should not be packed on hot days. They explode. All over the place. And then you still have to feed it to your kids. Who end up looking like those trolls above. Cute trolls though, right?

The B-rox and his Pa hat. Adorable.

We'll give it another go someday.

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