Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going Postal.

With any move there are always kinks, annoyances and irritations. Mark and I moved going on 7 weeks ago. (Really? 7 whole weeks? wowza) Last week our permanent mailboxes were finally installed. [we've been using the old school red flag flip down front type of box] We were given instructions to take our settlement papers to the Post Office and recieve our little pieces of gold that give us the ability to open those wonderful letters from all those people who want your money.

The first try they told us our box isn't ready yet. Mark was the only one to go in on this trip, and being the more laid back individual out of the two of us said "thank you for your time we'll come back". Even though he knew the box was ready - because it sits outside our front door...
We had a housewarming party to get to, and couldn't delay any longer. I resolved to go back on Monday.

Monday my neighbor came over to inform me that he had picked up his mailbox keys - and lo and behold when he opened up the box number the keys corresponded to - it was my box. Instead of giving me the keys that corresponded to my box he kept them - and said "when you go, if it turns out to be my keys we'll just switch". I wasn't very motivated, so I figured I'd go to the PO the next day.

Tuesday, I headed to the post office. Where I waited in line for TWO WHOLE EFFING HOURS. Excuse my bad language. Oh yes, I sooooo had the boys with me. By the time we got up to the counter they were bouncing off the walls. Small children don't wait in line very well. Hell, most of the adults I was in line with weren't waiting in line very well themselves! So I get up there, and show the settlement papers and my ID. However, this lady has never heard of power of attorney - so I spend 15 minutes explaining why I can indeed pick up the keys in Mark's name. She finally consents after consulting a colleague, and goes on a mission for my keys.
She can't figure it out. She puts in a change lock order - and sends me home with those keys. Informs me that it will be changed in 3-4 days.

Wednesday I write a letter to my HOA liason - informing him I'm pretty fed up. Reply says "all I can do is call them and try to figure out where your keys are to go pick up". Great - Thanks.

Thursday, I'm still waiting for the lock to be changed when my postman, Mr. Fong (for anybody who knew me in high school you should understand why this was so freaking hilarious I could almost not breath.) calls me. He tells me he put a stop on my change lock order and that my keys are up front at the post office waiting for me. So, I roll up my yoga mat and change into "get out of the house" clothes and pack the boys off to the PO, again. yay.
We get there, and only have to wait in line for an hour. [Yes, I get the ridiculosity of how that sounds] and the dude finds my keys. note: "my" keys have now been found three times in this story... I come home and open the box to find... my other neighbors box, name and address.

Still no mail for me. And you wonder why people at the post office go nutty.

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