Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A new Baby.

Muahahahahaha - you all thought from the title I was going to announce yet another pregnancy - didn't you? Well, I'm not.

Sunday - Mark went into the store all by himself to buy a coke and some tortillas. He came out with my new baby, Astrid.

She's pretty, eh? She's the perfect pet. No pooping, no crying, no spaying/neutering, no dander, no walks and she doesn't sass me or break things or chew on things or - you get the picture.

The goal is to keep her alive. If I can manage this, maybe someday I can have a small garden...

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Ashley said...

Okay, a.) didn't think you had drank more water. I'm awesome, I now. And now your favorite. Okay, top 3.

And b.) if you've been able to keep the trolls alive...I'm thinking a plant should be easy peezy. But that's just me weighing the human life vs. plant how-to manual.

Just a thought. :D