Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth.

This post will have zero pictureage. I forgot my camera. I'm not all that sad about it either. Because I had fun. I'll give you a what was up with us over the weekend though.

Friday we delivered enchiladas to some friends who are new-baby-weary. Then we ate the pan I made for us at the same time for dinner. Muy bueno. (BTW Mike and Amy - she's beautiful. We're way stoked for you guys.)

Saturday my "big brother" and his wife came to visit. There was Ihop, swimsuit shopping, some swimming, movies, chile, then off to the Ft. Belvoir Freedom Fest. Amanda and I waited in line for about an hour to get our once a year funnel cakes and lemonade. Muy delicioso. (What's up with the spanish?) Then we watched fireworks. Braxton wowed the crowed around us with his John Madden-esque commentary on the fireworks. Example: Wow, that was big. That was a green firework. Whoa, that one went into the sky... catch my drift?

Went home and into bed. I woke up later with what I'm calling the funnel cake flu. Lasted until about 7pm yesterday evening. Lame lame way to end the weekend.

Hopefully I'll be graced by an aunt bop this weekend - who was in DC this weekend - and didnt' even bother to say howdy-do. Lame.

Happy Fourth. My friend Pickle put it nicely "Please don't let your patriotism end at midnight". Obviously, lighting off fireworks all year long is probably not a good idea (not to mention illegal) but, you should be proud to be American all year long - not just on the Fourth of July.

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