Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I've been doing...

...instead of blogging:
painting. This color is called "fairy godmother". How can you not love it with a name like that?
B-rox taking a break from "helping" me to play a little air guitar - in his roos. Oh yes, rockstar ALL the way.

Wasn't "Vertical Limit" a movie? Well - it's the story of my life. Perched on a step stool that is perched on the stairs, this is as high up as I can get on the floating wall above my third floor staircase. Until Mark comes home, and I rig a ladder system. And yes, I have to wait 'til Mark gets home - because as gung-ho as I am about this whole paint thing, it's probably a bad idea to precariously perch on a ladder 25 feet up in the air without somebody who's capable of calling 911...And the boys' bathroom. "Golden Echo" in semi-gloss. Sunglasses people, sunglasses.