Thursday, September 4, 2008

9+23 Months

If you haven't guessed it, this post is a B-rox update.

He learns new stuff everyday. The "stuff" usually makes me shake my head and sigh... but at least he's learning right?

Example: Yesterday he learned two new words, and amazingly also how to use them. The two words were "stupendous" and "frustrated".

This is how it went for frustrated:
B-rox: "I want to watch TV"
Me: No, the tv is turned off for the day
B-Rox: YES, I want to watch TV!
Me: I'm sorry, but the TV is turned off for the day.
B-rox: Growls, then says "Ohh that makes me so FRUSTRATED!"

And for stupendous:
Me: Braxton what are you doing?
B-rox: taking all my superhero guys away from Kenny.
Me: Braxton, you need to share. If you can't share I'm going to take the super heroes away.
B-rox: Oh thats just stupendous.

Ok, I realize that he probably didn't understand stupendous. At least not fully since I'm fairly certain that he hasn't mastered sarcasm. At least I hope not.

His weight and height are a big question mark right now. All I know for certain is the guy is small. Like, way small. The only stat he has on the charts is his noggin. Yeah, that makes it into the 70%range.

Now all we have to do is figure out a discipline system that doesn't make him laugh. We haven't come upon it yet, but I have faith someday it will happen. Cross your fingers people.
I think the "imp" gene is from Mark's side...

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