Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thanks Hanna

So, for those of you NOT on the east coast right now, you're probably wondering what the weather is like out here... Since I doubt you watch the east coast weather report, I'm guessing that you don't know that we are currently weathering Tropical Storm Hanna. We're not right on the shore, so the awfulness is toned down just a tudge for us. Being the native Pac. Norwester's that we are, we didn't let it stop us from most of our activities. (Though, my scheduled run for the day has been delayed -this is so not running weather.) Roads are shut down due to washout/flash floods, drivers have - amazingly - slowed down on the roads that are open, and basements throughout the area are flooding. So what did we do? Went out and played in the rain!!!!!!!!!!!! We're Oregonians - rain is how we live! (Ok, Mark is a Washingtonian - but that is pretty much the same thing.) A road a little ways down the street from us that has been closed due to flash flood. See the guardrail almost under the water? Yeah, freakin deep. The cop blocking off the road wouldn't let me walk up any closer to get a better picture. Apparently hailing from the flood capital of the US doesn't give me enough street cred. (I don't actually know if the Pac. Northwest is the flood capital of the US. I just know there's about a butt ton and a half.)
They were probably wise to leave this one behind. I don't think it worked very well.
What the - ????? (Just a few seconds after we headed outside to "stomp in the wain".)
"No kiddin? You're gonna let me play out in this???"
This is how soaked he was about a minute into our "stomping".
Once he figured out that I was going to let him get all wet and stomp in puddles, he was off like a rocket in search of "big ones".
He discovered the "monster room" becomes a raging river in the rain.

Don't worry. We were only outside about ten minutes, and it was 72 degrees. I'm really not an awful parent. As soon as we got inside we put on dry clothes and warmed up!

Thanks Hanna, we had fun!

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Ashley said...

Awww, kid, I'll search for big ones with you. :)