Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bet you can't find me!

The other night Mark got home from work very, very late. Luckily the boys had both napped pretty well and were up for going to bed a little late.

Mark saw to it however that they were both very very tuckered out when we did finally put them down. They played hide and go seek, wrestled (for what else are boys to do???) and generally ran around my house like maniacs!

Here are a few pictures of B-rox and Kenny hiding in my living room curtains.
I believe what he said with this one is "Look mom, I'm standing on Kenny's head". He thought it was a little funnier than I...
This was a "boo" moment. Oh, if only you could have heard the laughter.
Oh, these kids are so cute, and SO much fun. (Even when they drive me crazy!)

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