Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's for dinner???

If your house is like mine, the most dreaded question that is ever asked - and is asked EVERYDAY - is "what's for dinner?" I hate that question. It's always followed by the inevitable. "I don't care, I'll eat whatever you want." "I don't care either." "Does anything sound good to you? give me a suggestion to go off of." Eventually we end up with Mac and cheese or spaghetti. While my mac and cheese is made from scratch and full of veggies - same goes for my spaghetti - the same two meals get a little old. However, normally when Mark gets home from work and we get done with our run its getting late and we're ravenous. We need something quick and filling and healthy. I insist on healthy. Time is the second issue concerning dinners in my house.
I have recently found a cure for this dinner time dillema! It came way way way way way way too late in my opinion. So, I'm going to share it with all of you. It's called Dream Dinners. So here is what is so great about Dream Dinners. This past Saturday I went in with some of my girlfriends and in the space of two hours had a month of dinners prepared. Yes, two hours and I had a month of dinners prepared.
The process is this: Go the website and order the dinners that make you salivate online. When your date comes go to the Dream Dinners location nearest you...
You go in and find your cubby - put up your purse or whatever, grab your bandanna and apron and "how to cook cards" and head out to the stations.
Its set up like a buffet. Each station is for a different meal. Follow the recipe at each station. It generally goes like this: Chicken Alfredo with Artichoke Hearts.
1. In a quart sized baggie mix these ingredients (everything is ziploced in freezer bags) yada yada. 2. In another baggie mix these ingredients. 3. Now grab a pre-ziploced bag of chicken breasts (all hormone and antibiotic free) and put all three bags inside a gallon sized ziploc bag. Put in "how to cook card" seal. Then you wander over to your personal freezer space and store it. Move on to the next station/meal.
When you get home put everything in the freezer. In the morning pull out a meal and let thaw. Prepare according to instructions. Enjoy - they're delicious.

Not only did I prepare 20 dinners in two hours, I had fun doing it. I didn't have to clean up after myself, I didn't have to do the grocery shopping and I got to gab with friends. Fantastic. It is also a money saver because we aren't buying superflous grocery items. I save time and sanity. And bonus, our menu is varied and I don't have to stress over "what's for dinner?"

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