Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kieran's Displeasure.

Today I was trying to take some pictures of Kieran, and the 'do' that he's been sporting lately when Braxton decided that he wanted in on the action also... Kieran didn't like it much. He was very displeased with the situation. So, I found another activity for Braxton entertain himself with, (chess... go figure right?) and eventually Kieran calmed down, in fact he went into a daze.
He is completely and totally 100% spaced out at this moment. It wasn't until Mark came home a few minutes later and Braxton screamed that he snapped out of it. Pretty funny stuff.

2 reviews:

Meggie said...

Yay!! He's two for...two, I guess. A fauxhawk AND a yellow submarine tee shirt. You are a lady after my own heart.

Ashley said...

yes, i still have your book. i did find a couple boxes labeled "books," so i'll keep you posted.

thanks for the mail. :)