Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This is my kind of city. 

1st class.  Real glass.  Apparently they really do want the people who pay more to die more horrifically if the plane crashes.  Oh, and the hot towel thing?  Not just in the movies.  

Promptly after de-boarding (and finding myself phoneless) we dropped off our bags and headed to Navy Pier for the architectural river boat cruise.  My favorite?  The snarky, sarcastic, river boat guide: (After the boat applauds his taking of the mic) "Uhm, I'm not sure if anyone told you - but you are about to sit on a boat for an hour listening to me talk about buildings."  

My favorite building.  The "Flask building".  Ok, I don't remember the real name of it.  All I remember is the tour guide imparting the info that it looks like an extra-long flask.  It stuck.  What can I say?

Captain Ahab.  Or, Gordon's Fisherman.
He's dedicated to all the sailors who have lost their lives.    I tried to make Mark kiss him, but Mark said that might be bad luck...  

Macaroni and cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously - these noodles are like the Phanatic in Philly.  Only, they're not some made up mascot.  They're Mac and Cheese!  I'm pretty sure this is a sign that I'm supposed to live in Chicago...

And because healthy eating was not on the docket for our four day vacation - churros fiesta (for Mark only).  Which means if you're diabetic - you had better freaking enjoy it, it's going to be your last meal.  

Uhhhh.... My body is obviously not in it's dancing prime....  And I'm pregnant.  No judging.
Crazy ass statues in the park outside our hotel.  Lincoln Park in Chicago is not like the band.  It's more like Central Park in New York.  Very awesome.

I've been bitten by the baseball bug.  This place is awesome.  The fans are awesome.  The Cubs?  Well... they won the game they played the day before our game...


One question I felt the need to ask while I was at at 1pm Wednesday game was - "How in the hell did 40,000 people get off of work to come see a game?" .  Because you know attendance is like that.  All. The. Time.

After the game we saw a man in a penis hot dog costume.

Just a little lost.  So, we stole wi-fi next to some random persons house.  

We also took a tour of Wrigley.  Folks, if you are looking for fun things to do with your kids in a new city - take a tour of their MLB stadium.  It's a pretty cool way to spend an hour.  Even if touching the ivy is off limits...

Chicago is awesome.  Go there.  Live it.  You'll love it. 

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Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...


I almost went to school in Chicago, but I chickened out about the weather at the last minute. I am DYING to take a trip there. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you!