Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Braxton

To my oldest child, on this day, the day I felt like writing this;

Lately you have become somewhat of a rebellious little turd.  You sass, test your limits, and act a lot like I did at five.  (This according to your Jammy.  Everyone else who knew me then said I was an angel.)  The sooner you realize that I am MOM, BOSS and general OVERLORD of this house - the better off you'll be.

Now that I have that off of my chest, I'd like to let you know a few of the reasons you're one of my two favorite-est little boys ever.  Because you are.  Even when you make me look like this:
Minus the hoops.  Those are SO 80's. 

You are bright, witty, and funnier than you realize.  God save us all when you realize your comedic ability.  
When you are not acting like a five year old who feels the need to test their limits, you are an amazingly well behaved, helpful, wonderful child.  These moments are what give me hope for your future.  Otherwise I'd so just send you to military school now!  
We have conversations like this a daily basis: 

You:  Mom, what is Mz. P's number?
Me:  Why do you need your teacher's number?
You:  Well, she thinks I'm coming to her school this year.  I'm going to tell her I'm going to college.
Me:  Where are you going to college?
You:  Africa.
Me:  I hear they have some good soccer programs there.
You:  Yup, that's what I hear too.   
I can't help but love you.  I did make you, after all.  However, I see glimpses of the person you are to become - and can't help but shrug off these moments of frustration.  Because you are a wonderful little boy who is bound to become a great person.  The love you show me, your dad, Kenny and even baby Zore is something that is inside of you.  As long as you don't make me beat you - you'll have it with you always.  

Love, Mom. 

Sometimes also known as, BOSS and OVERLORD.  Please don't forget that.

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