Monday, August 9, 2010

Why, Today, My Life Sucks.

I'm going to whine and complain.  Please don't feel obligated to read.

It's a "Monday" kind of post.  Because it was a Monday kind of day.

*This morning I started reading this month's book club book.  I went to the bathroom (for the 2,467 time in the two hours I'd been awake) came back, and my nook was shattered.  It "fell" off the table. [Yes, it had little hands' help.]
I've been crying ALL day long about it.  Seriously - I LOVE my nook.  I'm heartbroken.  And I know how stupid that sounds - so shush.

*I haven't slept since Chicago.  Our mattress is almost as old as our relationship.  I think it's seven months younger.  I've been campaigning for a new one for a few years now.  However, we haven't gotten one because Hubband is somewhat of a cheap-o and thinks this:

looks as good, and comfortable as the mattress of my choice:

Being the sage and wise and compromising individual that I am, I proposed this:
But alas, costs much more than a brick (even the cheaper models of this mattress), leaving us with the same mattress that's been around for almost seven years.

On my side of the bed, there is a spring that is broken.  Hubband does not appreciate me sleeping in the middle of the bed when we are supposed to be sharing it, so I've taken to sleeping on the couch.

*When I am actually asleep, you can pretty much bet I'm having a nightmare.  I'm at 13 days of consecutive nights and counting.  They vary in form, length and horrific-ness.
Last night's was that our house sprung another leak, and I was too fat (from being knocked up - again) and couldn't swim to save my kids.
It's getting old.

*Regardless of what the OB, friends, strangers and family say - I feel huge.  I've only gained  4lbs - but I feel like Baby Beluga.  It's not a feeling I particularly care for - and I don't like what it's doing to my fitness routine.  Or my life routine.  I feel sloggish in every fiber of my body.  This is not the person I like to be.

*Losing my bestest to the best coast came at a not great time.  I feel alone and isolated and my next closest friend lives an hour north.  Did I mention that hour is only an hour if driven at midnight?  When construction crews are sleeping, as are most of the other people who normally feel like sitting in their cars all day long.   
Not that anywhere else would be different...  But at least I could take the kids hiking...

*We went uniform shopping for the B-rox yesterday - and found zero pants in his size.  They have to be Navy blue and we'd really like them to have an elastic waist - so that he can get them down for potty breaks easily.  He wears a 3T.  We found 4T's and 24mos.  No go.  Now I am stressed that my kid will look like the lil' ragamuffin on his first day of school
Hubband's reply of "he'll just look fashion forward" offered no relief from my stress.

*I am emotional this pregnancy.  Like none of the others.  I am impatient, angry, weepy, elated, then frustrated.  All within the span of seconds. I give a whole new meaning to mood swings.  I feel guilty because much of this is directed at the kids - as I'm with them ALL day long.  They don't deserve it, I don't like it and I pretty much have nominated myself for the "worst mother of the year" award.
I'll make it up to you someday kids.  Promise.  

So, yeah.  How was your Monday?

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McDorky said...

Oh my word. How did I miss that you were pregnant? I am an idiot!

Congrats! And another boy! Watch out world!

Lindsay said...

Um. I think it has something to do with the THIRD kid. I cried my eyes out all the time with Carter. Before and after he's come out. The third kid is a doozy. Buck up cause it's just gonna get harder. :)
(Did I cheer you up?!)
And maybe I'm an idiot, but what's a "nook"? And how does it break?
As for the bed, why isn't "hubband" sleeping on the couch and not you? Maybe you could at least run to Costco and get an Aerobed...they're pretty comfy.
Sucks that your buddy moved. I know you really liked her. Lame.