Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We always live life in style.

A few examples:

Is there anything sexier than "Safety First"?  Well... maybe... unless your name is Mike Rowe!
He wore this on ALL our errands...

About to go for a family evening run.  The boys always get out and do the last 1/4-1/2 a mile with us.  B-rox is rockin' the holiday colors like nobody's business (not to mention the shirt is backwards).  And Kenny's socks and shoes combo is off the charts! 

Now, if only one of them had just been wearing socks instead of a hat - we'd have a complete outfit!
And for anyone wondering - "Army Wives" is on in the background....
Shame - I know - watching my shows while they're awake....

Pajamas.  He crawled into bed 20 seconds later and slept in this.
The posing I can't explain, however.

Whas' happenin' hot stuff?

Fifty points if you can name that movie! 

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Rochelle said...

You have a couple of really cute little dudes. :) Oh, and I totally noticed the Army Wives...I'm addicted.