Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Like Websters. But Without the Funky Symbols.

Some explanations into things as of late:

Why I waited until 20 weeks to announce my pregnancy: 
*I would like everyone to know that the reason I have not "come out" until now is not because I hate them.  My brain and my body were done making babies.  Seriously.  I got rid of EVERYTHING.  I wasn't sure I could mentally handle another pregnancy, or that my body would make it through another one.  So, I figured God would lead us to adopt more babies if that were the path for us.  If not, my two boys are fantabulous.

There was another plan.  One in which I did not understand.  Do not understand - but am working on dealing with it.
At the time I found out I was pregnant I had three friends miscarry - all within a weekish of my positive test.  For all three it was their first, and much anticipated baby.
I felt it would not be wise to announce my pregnancy until I could inject some joy into it.  For them, for me. For the baby.

Reason for the hiatus from blogging:
*At about the time morning sickness hit - I caught the flu.  The combo of the two laid me up for about 7 weeks with a non-stop fever.  At one point a hospitalization was threatened.  I couldn't muster the energy to help tuck my kids in at night.  Let alone sit in the computer chair and blog.  Sorry.  I'm back, doing much better - and have even gained 3lbs at this point.  

Why I hate slow drivers:
*I'm not a speed demon.  But, I do get pretty frustrated that every single Sunday driver on a Wednesday gets in front of my vehicle.  Please stay off of the road if you cannot get your vehicle up to speed, pay enough attention to your driving, or just suck.  Thanx.

Why I wear socks in the summer: 
*I have a lot of hardwood and ceramic tile in my house and the circulation (to my feet) of an 80 year old.

How I feel about people who steal:
*Go to jail you mofo.

Silly bands:
*Somebody is livin' large and lovin' life.  Because those stupid things are everywhere.  Including my house.  If they were using recycled plastic/rubber - I might be a little more on board.

How I feel about raising three boys: 
*No.  I am not sad that this baby was not a girl.  In fact, I'm relieved.  Transitioning another baby into the house will be easier now that we know it's packin'.

TV in the bedrooms: 
*Nope.  Not in our house.  Definitely never in the kids' rooms.  Why?  Because sleep is important.  And TV's are expensive.  I'd rather buy shoes.

Hyperbole and a half:
*Funny stuff.  If you're suicidal she's sure to save you.  If you can read it and not laugh I'd like to take your pulse.  Because you must be dead.  (Hopefully not because you committed suicide.)

Fall (Or Autumn if you're highbrow):
*Starts in about a month.  Ahhhh, fall.  How I love thee, let me count the ways:
  1. Football season
  2. Not hot as balls - or as muggy as balls.
  3. My birthday
  4. School starts
  5. Cute fashion in the fall.
So, apparently only five.

My shoe obsession:
*Blame my mother.  Seriously.

What is the point of this post? 
*There isn't one.  Other than I'm all giddy I taught myself some of the ins and outs of html coding and fixed my blog.  It looks perdy and with a couple more nips and tucks it will be gorgeous!

Thanks for reading.  You can now never get those three minutes of your life back.

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Lindsay said...

The blog looks great. And I'm relieved you finally announced the pregnancy. I've almost slipped to a few of the relatives. :)
And I didn't mark the clothes you sent me, so I'm not sure which ones you donated, but I can try and figure it out and ship them back....unless you want an excuse to buy all new stuff.
Lemme know.