Friday, August 6, 2010

Oooooh. Friday Fill In.

Friday Fill-in Time!  Aren't you excited?  Hop on over to Wife of a Sailor who hosts!

On to business!

1. What do you wish you had learned to do earlier in life? 
Take pictures.  I've found a real love of shooting things with a camera, and think maybe if I had honed in on that earlier I could be so much better than I am.

2.  What is your biggest pet peeve with the military?
Uhm...  Well, sometimes I'm...  jealous?  I'm not sure that's the right word.  Five years ago Hubband took vows - but then he signed the contract with the Navy and I got moved to second burner.

Plans to get a root canal?  Oh, well screw you - something went wrong on the boat and we need your husband.
Holiday plans?  Nope - you'll be undersea.
Kid is in the hospital?  Oh, well there's some work to be done.  You can visit later.
I don't always take it with a grain of salt and end up taking it out on hubband.  He's pretty much a rockstar at what he does - and I can't blame them for wanting him.  I do - A lot.
It's hard to play second fiddle sometimes, it's even harder to watch the kids have to deal with second fiddle role and completely not understand it.

But, that is our life - and we're living it.

3.  What tourist attraction near you have you never seen? 
Arlington Cemetery.  *Gasp*  I know, ironic right?  It's on my list.  But after living here for four years, the touristy thing is getting harder to get motivated to do.  Unless it's on a segway.

4.  What are you avoiding doing right now? 
Showering.  Gross.  I know.  I'm waiting until the gremlins are down for a nap.  Then I can have a little peace and quiet... maybe.

5.  Beer, Wine, or Liquor? 
All three.  During the summer, love me some pale ales.  During the winter I love to sit down with a glass of vino on a Friday or Sunday night and cuddle with Hubband in front of the tv.
Somedays you really just need a vodka tonic. If you don't understand that, I can't explain it to you.

2 reviews:

Rochelle said...

Seems like everyone is annoyed by the planning factor (or lack thereof)! Love the new blog 'do, by the way! :)

Mommy McD said...

Yeah, most ladies were just less bitchy about it...

And thanks!