Thursday, August 19, 2010


IT begins...  [And I always hear the 'Dun dun dun' music in my head]
Unfortunately they can.  Really effing well.
Too well.
I have a plan to stop this....
{maniacal laughing}
Then, I get sick.  Sick sick sick sick sick sick.
For the first four months, this is me.  Especially this time.
11 lbs lost to the porcelain god.

Then, I start to feel better.  
And I enter denial.  Because seriously...
This stuff sucks.

Then... You start looking pregnant.  Which, now - sometimes I do.  If I stick out my belly or eat a lot.

I realize that some people do actually have good advice.
But, Please refrain from scolding me while I'm:
Drinking Coffee
Running in the AM
Lifting my kids
Or ordering a food you don't think is appropriate.
If I'd like advice I'll ask.
K? Thanks.

Yes.  I do use this reasoning while I am pregnant.  I always try to look for the joy in things... 
So darling husband, when I want Five Guys, 4 days in a row -
Please don't ask why.   
 I am going to admit that I am probably the only woman on the face of the planet that is slightly creeped out by ultrasounds.  Feeling the kick accompanied with seeing it kick - but not really being able to see it, because it's tucked away sucking a life force off of your body.  I have often, through the other two pregnancies as well, referred to myself as Sigourney Weaver.   
I do actually own this shirt.
When I saw it I knew it had to be mine.
Finally - someone understands.

And people want to know.  And, give their opinions.
You just don't care.

If you want to know our choices on any of those subjects, feel free to ask.  We have pretty sound reasoning for the choices we've made - the number one reason being it's whats best for OUR family.  If you chose a different route, it's probably because it was the best choice for your family.    

And just for laughs....  Because parenthood is much better than that (most days). 

5 reviews:

PADA said...

OK! That's really funny. By the way, congratulations.

Sarahviz said...

Congrats on #3 - do you know what you are having?
And thanks for stopping by my Trenches - I will definitely be back!

Mommy McD said...

Oh yes. We do. We learned a couple of weeks ago that we completed a hat trick and can expect baby boy number three at the beginning of December.

Mrs. Wookie said...

Wook's dad said to never play a trick like that again - no more ultrasounds! that means for're done. :D Glad I could spread that message.

Lindsay said...

Feel alone no more. Ultrasounds are weird. And feeling the "alien" in me kick only reassures me it's still alive. It's not "magical" for me at all.
I don't envy being pregnant. I hate pretty much everything about it.
Do you have gestational diabetes this time or do you not know yet? I hope not.
Lame you've been so sick. Have you tried Zofran (the generic for it?) It helped a lot with Carter's pregnancy. Not sure how you feel about taking meds while pregnant, but if you're okay with "safe" ones you may want to try that.
A December baby. Ooh baby. Get your Christmas shopping done now. :) Just in case...
Good luck with the remaining months. No fun. No fun at all.