Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Rock the Hawtness.

I read a book once.  (haha, once...)  Anyway, this book was a text book.  It was for my 400 level developmental psych class.  
Not many text books give you advice for future endeavors such as parenting.  
This one did.  (Thank Gawd - otherwise most days I'd be fully lost instead of just mostly lost).  
[Yes, I will now revoke my license to use the "aw" in place of the "o".  Thank you for continuing to read.]

It said something along the lines of "In order to foster an independence in a toddler child, they should be allowed to make their own choices - to a certain extent, in a few areas."  Or something bookish sounding like that.  That particular textbook doesn't seem to be on my shelf, so I couldn't look up a direct quote. 

Some of the areas were being allowed a couple of choices at meal time, and being allowed to make their own clothing choices.

With the exception of B-rox's school having a uniform code - we do let them have a lot of free reign in what to wear.  
Since they're young, I don't expect to see Stacy and Clinton knocking on our door.  
Yes.  This is a Canadian Ear Flap hat.
With polka dotted mittens.
And no shirt.
What you can't see?

He has no pants, either.

He wore this ALL DAY LONG.
Well, until we revoked his right to choose -
and chose his outfit for mass that night.

The kid likes the Beavers.
And actually chose a pretty decent outfit.

The hat is a little silly, but navy blue shorts and an OSU shirt -
Kid has style.

We just don't want him to feel left out -
So he got some ham it up time in front of the camera.
Love this boy's personality.  

And this is how we foster independence in our small children.

Next step?  Teaching them to color coordinate and dress for the weather appropriately.

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