Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Because My Brain Refuses To Function.

I cannot come up with a decent full length pictures included, post.

I'm losing it folks.  But that's ok.  I get my hair cut tomorrow.  I have been counting down the days since I made the appointment 23 days ago.

*I'm pretty bummed that I couldn't keep running the whole way through this. I'm still working out, the boys and I head to the pool in the evenings, I swim laps and Mark gives the trolls swim lessons.  I just miss running...
I feel blessed to live in a neighborhood with an indoor pool.  Swimming year 'round is awesome.  The strides the boys have made since the beginning of the summer have been astronomical.
Braxton barely needs us (it's more we're there because... well, to not be is irresponsible) with his floaty on.  Then, for the last 15 minutes or so after I've finished my workout - he takes his floaty off and works on actual swimming.  You should have seen him with the kickboard yesterday - amazeballs.  The best part for me is seeing how proud Hubband is.  The despair he felt over the fact that none of his children seemed to really enjoy swimming was pretty palpable.  Now they do, and he's all "Look at meh, I'm raising a hoard of Mike Phelps'!!! My swimmers make awesome swimmers!"  

*B-rox has finally caught on to the awesomeness of mothers.
After repeatedly telling him to sit down and eat his dinner, he got up again.  This is what happened:

Me: BRAXTON - SIT YOUR BOOTY DOWN NOW!  (The bellow was awesome, really.)
B: Mom - you weren't even looking at me - how did you know I was sneaking out?  How do you always know this stuff????????
Me:  I'm your mom.  It means I have superpowers.  I will always know when you're sneaking.
B: That makes me SO mad.  It's not fair!!!!!!
I know son, I know...

*I, am apparently, ok with lying to my kids.
The other night we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
Braxton, who happens to fear meat, asked for one meatball cut into "many" pieces.
I have him five, cut in half.
He thanked me for the delicious meatball.
I smiled and said "you're welcome".

*Das Boysikins super awesome special birthday party is this weekend.
Pray for me. 

*There are 19 days until I'm full term.  26 days to the point that each of my other two pregnancies ended. 40 days until the due date.
I'm pretty sure that's not enough time for me to be ready.  (physically - yes.  Mentally.... probably never.)
What should scare everyone about these particular numbers is that means there are only 45 days until Christmas.  Are You ready? 

*On a quick and positive note, the weather here has been wonderful.  The leaves make me happy every time I look at them.  Seriously.  It's like shoot rainbows out of your booty, happy gorgeousness! 

Signing off,
Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville

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