Friday, November 5, 2010

Testing, Testing...

As you saw in the Halloween post, Hubband owns an old car.  A 1979 Chevy Corvette, to be exact.

As is the case quite often, he had to go to work today.  His AWS day.  (He works his 80 hours in 9 days, as opposed to 10 - to earn that every other Friday off.  Fabulous.  When it works.) 
However, the rest of his carpool - did not.

So, he got to drive his car to the train station.  Being old, it takes a moment to get humming.
By humming, I mean it growls.  And yes, I find it kind of sexy.  But that's another matter.  
He started his car, then did his very manly household chore of taking the recycling out to the curb for pick up.

After changing the oil in his car, he just pulled it forward, and parked backwards in the driveway.  So, when he was doing his manly recycling duty (I also find recycling sexy.  Also, another matter...)  his car was blowing the exhaust into the garage.  Which has a door, leading to the house.  Which hubband left open.
The security system on our house goes "Beep Beep Beep - Back Door" whenever the contacts are separated. 
Very wise of him, less chitlin' disturbage/wife disturbage.

Until about 30 minutes after he left.  I began hearing "Riing Beeep Riing - Carbon Monoxide detected".  


Luckily, my pregnant nose could smell the exhaust fumes before I even got to the main floor.

A real gas leak would have been a shitty way to begin my Friday.  

I "calmed" the kids down.  (More on this in a minute...)

Put on pants.  No, I do not sleep with pants on.  They tend to create tourniquets on my legs by the end of the night.  

Then I opened every window in the house, in 38 degree weather, at 6:00 in the morning.

We went to McDonalds.  Where, I managed to look not very pretty... 

Then, the Fryer alarms went off, and Braxton started bawling again.
"Mom, I'm tired of emergencies.  Can we just go home and watch a movie?"
"Unfortunately, no.  We have to let the house air out. Eat your pancakes."
"Hahaha, vaginas."
[facepalm] {mental cursing to whomever told him that was funny.  I will rue you for forever!!}

Then we came home.  To a refrigerator where our house used to be.

Put on slippers, and watched "How to Train Your Dragon".

We've yet to fall into a sleepy coma.

Lesson of the day?
Beware of the consequences of telling your hubband he needs a hobby... 

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