Monday, November 15, 2010

The Madness. 2010. (Part Uno)

The boys celebrated their birthdays this weekend.  This is a recap, for those who couldn't join us.  
Because we want you to feel sad you missed it.  
Ok - ok.  I'm joking.  

Mother, why are you making us hold them up?
Please just let us unwrap them! 
 The first gifts were a part of the plan.  A set of new jammies to wear.  To their Pajama party.
Mario brothers and some monster jammies.
Started this party right!  

Face upon seeing the next gift...
No.  It was not a car.

It was a bounce house.
Or, as I like to call it - the "New mommy sanity saver". 

The next gifts were from Jammy.
(Ma, they were just as excited when they actually opened them.) 
"How did she know it would match my room so awesome?"
Magic, son.  Magic.

"Mom!  It has Mercuries! A lot of them.
And Aliens!"
And then the doorbell started ringing...
Stay tuned for part deux.  

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Mrs. Wookie said...

Love it. Too bad I'm a LA to DC flight away. We'll have to work on that next year.