Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If Money Were No Object:

Copying from My Goal is Simple.

These are the ten things I'd like to find under the tree:
Prepare to be underwhelmed by my selections...


The Nikon D7000.
I expect to be getting the D5000 sooner, rather than later - but if budget weren't an issue, I'd be putting this baby in my shopping cart.


To be in school, finishing school, or even able to remotely think about school.  Most of you should know I'd like to go into nursing.  If you don't, I'll tell you now.  I'd like to go into nursing.
In the interim (aka, while I'm stuck at home with another baby) I'd like to further my photog skills with some classes.
Actually, I'm so desperate to go to school - I'd probably major in history if it got me in!


A new mattress.
Sadly, this is quite a ways off.  Due to the gremlin I'm due to spring from my inner self soon.  But it would be nice to not lay on a lumpy, broken one.


Maid service.
Hubband has actually promised me that if we didn't end up with a new car - after the first of the year he'd spring for somebody to come in and clean my bathrooms once or twice a month.
I'll believe it when I see it...


I need it to be at least 6 quarts, and I'd like it to have the automatic switch to warm.  Because sometimes, you just don't know when hubband is coming home.


World Peace.
Do I need to explain this?
No, I have not decided to compete for Mrs. Virginia.  


Less traffic.  More people carpooling.
Sadly, this is a stretch of road I've driven many times.  Also, I've been stuck in traffic like this on more occasions than I care to count.
Most memorably, when the Navy decided to fly Hubband out of BWI airport the Sunday after Turkey day.
My drive home lasted 8 hours.  The drive from BWI normally takes about an hour.  


A big backyard for my kids to play in.
Maybe not quite this big...
B-rox has begun asking when we can move out of this house and into a house with a big backyard with a fence.  So he can play outside and have a fort and a slip 'n' slide.
I feel like a failure that I can't give this to him.


Enough money to please my husband.  Finish his car, pay the grocery bills that turn his face bright red, and buy him shoes without spending two weeks fighting about how he really does need new shoes.

Run more races.
Entry fees, travel, time all make it impossible to run everything I want to run.
Some of the races I WILL run are:
NYC Marathon
Rock 'n' Roll something - hopefully with a bestest ging?
Dewey Beach Triathalon
Hood2Coast... that one is going to be trickiest, I imagine.
Cascade Lakes Relay
Zombie Run, in Old Town
A Turkey trot 
Cherry Blossom Festival 10 Miler

Also, Looking like that girl would be awesome.

4 reviews:

Anonymous said...

wasn't there a disney princess marathon you were suppose to do?

Lindsay said...

I majored in history. :)
And I'll run the NYC marathon with you. I really want to do that one. Well, I'll sign up with you and do it the same year so we can hang out at the starting line. Once the running starts I kinda like to go solo. Running with other people messes up my stride (ha ha ha ha ha).

Mrs. Wookie said...

What the heck is a Zombie Run...and HOW DO I JOIN????

EMac said...

I have that crock pot!