Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ramblin' Rod!

Does anybody from the WC remember that show?

Lil' sis and I were on it once. (Though, not at the same time.)  At seven, you're pretty convinced it makes you famous.  
Being one of the 30 screaming kids on a morning cartoon show does not, in fact, make you famous. Even if you win the smile contest...
That is the child's equivalent to being one of the people who hi-five the contestants on the Price is Right.  Hi-fivers, you're not famous either.  

*Bestest started talking about shoes on her blog this morning.  Dammit.
This is how my shoe death spiral works.
-somebody mentions shoes
-I start looking at shoes
-I see shoes I want
-I buy shoes I want to keep my bp under control
-husband makes this face:
Except, he doesn't wear a loin cloth.
Which, for me, is sad times...
-I feel guilty, but keep the shoes.
-I get pregnant
So, I figure its a good time to purchase the Birkenstock's I was ogling all summer.  They're now $45 dollars cheaper, and I can't get pregnant - while pregnant.  Win/Win/Win. [insert angry Gerard Butler]

*If you're starting to stress about the holidays, I have the perfect website for you.
-click here-
It's sure to help your anxiety.

*The bounce house was the most brilliant idea Mark and I have had to date.  No joke.  It takes 1 minute to inflate, I sit in a chair with a book, they get exercise...
Or, instead of sit in a chair, I can do the dishes and catch up on my "kitchen" tv.  (I'm too ashamed to list the shows I watch while cleaning/cooking in the kitchen...)

*Lindsay, I'd love to run "with" you.
As bestest will tell you, I'm also a solo runner.  This is how the race we ran "together" went.
Me, just a little bit ahead until mile seven (but still within sight).  Mile seven my legs gave me a speech:
Self, run faster.  If you don't, I'm gonna kill you.  
True story.  Because I was in fear for my life, I had to take a strike on the awesome friend tab and run ahead.
She still loves me.  Thank goodness.

*B-rox had his root canal and two crowns taken care of on Tuesday.  I was a ball of stress inside.  I'm still curious as to why Hubband felt the need to ask me why I was stressed.  Uhm. Duh.
He now has two silver teeth.  They told him this while under laughing gas, but failed to show it to him.
Conversation upon discovery of his two silver teeth:
B: Mom! My teeth are silver!!!!!!
Me: I know! That's the way they fixed them.
B: Wait - did they take my white teeth OUT???
Me: Yes.

Tooth Fairy - you're going to have one hell of a fight on your hands... 

*I like the word troglodyte.  It has an air of sophistication butt munch doesn't.

*Kenny, is like, a real human.  He has preferences, and tastes... and they don't always go with mine.
Outfit the other day:
Orange Benny the Beaver sweat pants
Orange 'Cars' t-shirt
Green and red holiday socks.

This outfit happens a lot.  I make him take it off at least every other day.  Because sometimes he's smelly.  

*And now a couple of pictures (I don't think I've already posted) of my two favorite sons.  (That have birth dates... jeesh)
Not the greatest pic.
Funny, none the less.

I'm pretty sure I've posted this before.
But I still love it.
So you get it again. 
{Insert loud Ramblin' Rod whistle to signal leaving}

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