Monday, November 15, 2010

The Madness Continues.

Guests started arriving.  In pajamas.  
For some reason, being giant causes my brain to stop working.  I did not think to take a picture of the actual Cereal bar.
We had:
Lucky Charms
Coco Puffs
Rice Krispies
Corn AND Frosted Flakes
Shredded Wheat 
Fruit Loops
Apple Jacks
Corn Pops 
Raisin Bran
Two types of Granola
For toppings we had:
Berries (Straw, Rasp, and Black)
Chocolate Chips 
Graham Crackers
Chocolate Syrup

Plus yogurt or milk.  Depending on your tastes.  

Then, once the sugar was flowing there was time to burn it off.  In the bounce house.  Or in the playroom.
Or, wander around just munching on corn pops...

When the sugar buzzes started to fade, we had back up.
B-rox called his cake "Pirate Island".
I called it Timeout Island.
Those two definitely need to be in timeout...

Nov. 13, 2010.  Disney and Nasa Team up and Buzz Lightyear is the
first person to land on Mercury.  
The one concession I had to make, in order to throw a "together" party for the boys - was to make each of them their own cake.
It was a small concession.  I made it.  And somehow, the cakes turned out to be identifiable as what was requested...  That like, never happens.  

Where else would you put the candles?
And no, there aren't five.
Yes, He is turning five.
Candles scare him.
He asked for three.

So excited to eat Mercury.
By Mercury, we're talking the cake.
Not my planet sized belly.
No comments on that kthxbai.

Assistance from dad, because candles are scary.
He didn't want to get close enough to blow them out.
And, they, apparently were trick candles...
Then it was time for presents.

Yes.  That is a light saber.
I was scared of the eye damage that would be caused.
So far - none.
Just less bad dreams.  Because now they have light sabers to fight
the bad guys with.

Post present hoopla was everybody's nap time.
So they went home, hopefully without diabetes, and slept it off.
Bonus - they were already in jammies!  

Seriously, thank you to everybody who came.  Who dealt with the pandemonium that was this party.
The boys are still buzzing from all the "awesomeness" your presence (and because they're 3 and 5, your presents, too) brought.
We are blessed to call you friends, and family.

4 reviews:

Mrs. Wookie said...

Love me some of that tumor! It's it bad that I was like, "Not bad for the FINAL COUNTDOWN (now sing the do-do-do like Queen to make it authentic).

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

Cutest idea with the pj's and the cereal bar.

Can I have the same exact party for my 26th?

That's not weird right?

Lindsay said...

Um. Did you seriously buy your boys a bounce house and put it in your garage?? Seriously? Where'd you get that thing? I want one for my garage. That's awesome!
Fun party.
Now onto the next party. aka labor. :) Good luck. We're thinking of you!!

PADA said...

It was fun to log on to your blog and see my family there. I remember attending the party last year at Gymboree.
Breakfast bar! What a great idea. The PJs are so cute, the cakes are great, the boys are adorable and the party looks so fun. Happy Birthday, Guys.