Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keeping Myself Busy.

The more I do, the less I remember I hurt, and that after I stop hurting in this manner I'll hurt more.  AND I'll have a newborn.
Ignorance is bliss.  

Her name is Sarah.
His name is Mark.
They have three children.
They're a ton of fun.
But, they are not the McDaniels.

This was one of the shoots I had this past weekend:

Yes.  They are laughing at her falling down.
Nope, it isn't mean.  It was funny.

I have decided to buy a house in their neighborhood.
I will write it off as my "studio".
Because everything about my morning with them was

Nope, not your imagination.
You suddenly smell Man.
You hear grunting.
And have the urge to eat mass amounts of chili. 
I'm so glad I'm not them.
I do not want the task of deciding the Christmas card photo...

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