Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This isn't really an afterthought.  I tried to put this up WITH the Savor post.  Blogger was being a juice box.  [Side note:  Juice box is what I have started using in place of 'douche canoe'.  It's not a pretty thing when your 3 year old greets a random person by saying "hello douche canoe".]  

Water cups, napkins, plates, cheese picks, spoons!

Awesome opossum!

Yes, this really was one of the most awesome things I saw the whole evening.
Though, not quite as awesome as cargo shorts/salmon blazer man. 

3 reviews:

Karen said...

100% cool about the compost goods.

150% cool about juice box.

The word verification is herim pie. Yummm?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

A quick question...what is your favorite color combo?

Mommy McD said...

Favorite color combo.... hmmm...
Orange and black, or orange, white and royal blue.