Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do you get paid $150 an hour?

No?  Interesting.

I don't really either.  But that's how I write it in my head so I feel important.  I'm going to share another couponing post with you, because there have been several more questions asked.  It turns out, people like to save money and I've been saving money - they want my secrets. 

So, here is a last installment of how I coupon.  I don't want to get boring- but here I'll address questions asked about how I do things along with this weeks savings.  (read the title... should give you a clue.)

This weeks inserts separated and organized. 

This weeks coupons clipped ready to be put into my binder.
(Stripey thing to my left)
Yes, there are more coupons than pages.  Front and back people, front and back. 
This took me an hour.  One hour ten minutes including putting the coupons into the binder.

While I'm organizing - I make mental notes of the coupons that are for stuff we need the most.  This week's offerings had a lot of cleaning supplies.  So, I made a quick note of my favorites.

Then, I sit down with the store weekly circulars.  I compare prices in the circular to the coupons I have and decide which stores are going to be my best bet.  (Note: most products go on sale in 3-4 month cycles.  With  coupons corresponding to said sales.)

Also, online at krazycouponlady.com She'll list outrageous deals she comes across.  I peruse there occassionally, as well. 

After Sunday's work of 1 hour 10 minutes:

Total before coupons: $290.00
I paid: $130.00
Savings: $160.00

Favorite Deals:
Chi Chi's tortillas = Free. (Regular price79 cents. Coupon for 50 cents that the store doubles 'til zero.)
Raisin Bran and Shredded Wheat = $1.00 a box
Tie-dye Kits = $9.00 (big one normally $29.99 I got it for $3.97 small one normally $9.99 I got it for $4.99)
Crystal Light = $1.10 a box.  (Normally $3.99 a box)

The bread, produce, granola, sun chips, bagels, and milk were not on sale, nor did I have coupons.  Which greatly increased my total.

Also, The hotdogs freeze. (And by hotdogs, I mean ball park turkey dogs. No fillers, less fat, less sodium. Yum.)  We eat hot dogs (because the boys get to choose a meal now and again) about once a month. We now have enough for the rest of the year, at only $1.50 a pack vs. the normal $4.99 a pack.

Air fresheners: Buy one refill - get one warmer free.  Refills on sale for $1.50, normally $3.00.   Boys stink.

Other notes: 
Buy the smallest size possible.  Take the shampoo for instance.  Normally $3.49 for that size.  On sale for $1.99 with a $1 off coupon.  Making each bottle 99 cents.
The bigger size was normally $5.49 on sale for $3.49 with a $1 off coupon, would make each bottle $2.49.  The difference in ounces was only 8. (16 oz vs. 24 oz)  Where as for another 99 cents, you'd double the amount of shampoo that you have and still have spent 49 cents less.

Also, all of my unused/expired coupons are sent to families stationed over seas.  They can use expired coupons at the BX/PX/NEX/Commissary for up to six months after they expire.

Yay Savings!!!

And that is how I get paid $150 an hour.   

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Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

CRAP. I am doing my grocery shopping ALL WRONG.

I need to study up asap.