Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Mornings.

Are brutal.  But not for me.  For my hubband.

"Awwww, daddy is so cute when he's asleep."

"I'll let him catch a few more z's and eat on Orange Bear."

"Screw this.  I'm awake.  Nobody sleeps when the BABY is awake!" 
Since giving birth to Kenny, Hubband has taken the weekend shift and normally lets me catch a little more sleep.  About the time we decided to split the weekends, was about the time the boys decided they liked getting ice cream for breakfast seeing daddy in the morning instead of me and revolted.  They would just holler while I was down there with them until Hubs decided it wasn't worth trying to stay in bed anymore.  Voila weekends are mine.

Isn't his weekend alarm clock adorable?

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Missy said...

He's so cute (uh, the baby not the hubband) :) I wish he and Cooper were close by each other so they could be friends :) But then again, when Kindergarten time came I dont know that they could handle that much cuteness from the two of them :)