Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary. I still love you. Despite the bruises.

There was this one time, Hubband decided to show me his awesome ninja skills.  He tried to jump over me, but kneed me square in the forehead.  Made me woozy for a few minutes.

Then there was another time where he kicked me...

Also, he is like Steve Carell and never shuts the drawers in the kitchen/bedroom/bathroom.  My hips and legs are mottled with bruises because the spatial connection in my brain doesn't allow room for open drawers where they shouldn't be.

So yeah.  There are bruises.  (All, completely unintended. Just FYI)

But there's awesome stuff, too.  (like when he buys me my new camera.  Or how he completely supports my love of running.  Or how sometimes, he remembers me while he's at the store and comes home with cannolis.)

He's pretty awesome.  I'll keep him for at least another 6 years.

We don't have wedding pictures.
Otherwise I'd post one.

So, of what we do have.  This is a fav.  

Happy "fake" anniversary.  I'm definitely looking forward to the next 6 years! 
Love, ME

2 reviews:

Mrs. Wookie said...

Umm, liar, there are wedding pictures. Outside the church. It's my favorite...partially because I'm in it. :)

Mommy McD said...

But I don't have any!!!!!