Thursday, June 30, 2011

To the Winds.

*I officially have 10 days and 1 wake up until the triathlon.  Yesterday was my toughest bike ride yet and I impressed myself.  My running has also been going pretty well, so at least two thirds of it should be relatively straight forward.
In hopes to make the transitions and swim a teensy bit easier - I scored a schwaggle deal and got this and a couple of other items for just $40.
Bikini? You say?  Yes.  Here's my thought process:
I don't want to change completely in the first transition (from water to bike).  Mostly because it's a pretty short race and two because I'd rather scare the shit out of everybody prance around  in a bikini, than try to change out of my suit and have the towel fall off and kill someone blind somebody with that awful sight extreme not Marissa Miller-ness.

Wish me luck with it all.  I'm going to need it, I think.  

*I tried to sign up for Pinterest.  There is a waiting list.  Communists.  
But I did do some browsing.  Oh man, the projects I want to do...

I love how well together these three play.  

Call me crazy, but I dig this picture.  It feels peaceful.  

These are a few of the other shots from our day at the park with some friends.  I love the parks around us.  Especially this one.  Trails, beach, playground, picnic area, boat ramps - everything.  It's awesome and only two miles from my house.

*Kenny's fan is done and installed.  I'll post pics when I finish B-rox's.  They're awesome.  No lie.

*We also completed tie-dye shirts.  I'm addicted.  Apparently the "Grateful Dead loving, tie-dye wearing" hippie trait is genetic.  I get it from my mother.  No joke, I used to wear her shirts as nightgowns and several of them were concert T's.  She is awesome.
Pics of the shirts forthcoming in another post.

*Next project?  A volcano.
Any advice?

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