Friday, July 1, 2011

Diamonds used to be coal, ya know.

Yesterday I was wearing a necklace that has a trilobite pendant.  

i.e. a fossilized bug. 
I happen to love rocks and fossils, so this necklace has been a favorite for about the last twelve years.

While wearing it yesterday - I had this conversation with a lady:

[Holdeezy was playing with it while in his carrier]

Lady: Oh, thats an interesting pendant - what is it?
Me: A trilobite
Lady: Uh... what is that?
Me: A fossilized bug.
Lady: Oh, your husband couldn't afford a real gem?
Me: Uhhmmmm.....  I've had it for 12ish years.  My husband didn't get it for me. {Side note: he doesn't buy jewelry.}
Lady: Oh, then why do you wear it?
Me: Uhmmmm.... because I like it????

Now, it's one of those little fossilized bugs - a little smaller than a quarter and on a very simple silver chain.  Nothing crazy or gaudy or really all that weird. (it's even darker and less defined than the picture)  Except that I'm not wearing a gemstone - I'm wearing a fossilized bug.  Which, is pretty cool.  Especially when you think about the fact that diamonds used to be coal! I'd rather wear bugs than coal. 

{Also, why do I meet all the weirdos sans filters?}

4 reviews:

To the Nth said...

I love your trilobite pendant! Unusual and fascinating -- what more could you want?

I'm afraid I can't muster up much love for the mannerless woman who commented on it. What a thing (okay, several things) to say!

Mrs. Wookie said...

Wacky people have really increased since I left the EC. This must mean it's time for a visit. :)

And I love rebuttaling with the 1960's DeBeers marketing campaign strategy and success making diamonds the "go to" gem for all purchases. Yes, diamonds can be pretty. Yes, there are many other things to wear around my neck.

Anonymous said...

So is it time for a road trip to the west coast yet?

Mommy McD said...

Road Trips... *shudder*