Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Silly.

Quick background:

B-rox reads.  Everything.  Anything.  He reads - period.  (Is it redundant to put the period after I wrote period?) 

His Gramma and Pa-hat bought him his favorite book last summer, "Reptiles and Amphibians".  It's a four hundred page book on just about every reptile or amphibian on Earth.  He reads page by page - and can recall just about any fact he's read.  Trust me, I've tried calling his bluff.  He can flip to the page, shove it in your face and say "told you so" quicker than the Sahara can melt ice. 

Conversation between the boys:
Kenny:  Why do mommy's have to have big boobs to feed babies?

B-rox:  Well, I was reading about the Frilled Neck Lizard the other day and I think it's their defense against predators.

Uhm... Yeah.
My kids need to worry if boobs are my defense against predators.  Because, if you had to rank my "defenses" on a scale of McLovin' to Vin Diesel - I'm a Paul Rudd.  No lie.  

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Lindsay said...

One smart kid. Although you can give your boys a little FYI that mommy's don't actually need big boobs. We just need nipples. I can attest first hand. :)