Friday, July 29, 2011

What's on their mind?

I like to "interview" my kids every now and then.  I think it helps me get to know them better.  Because kids change ALL the time.  I sit down during quiet moments and ask them random questions.  I've never thought to write it down before because I've always felt like it was sort of a personal exercise between us.  Then Hubband and I had a conversation about a fourth(?) grade project where he said he wanted to have three kids and drive a mini-van. (He's SOL on that particular notion.) It's fun to look back on that stuff and see how you changed throughout the years.

So this morning, during my "coffee time", which is usually their "entertain yourself" time, they sat on my lap and we interviewed.  They call it the "imagination game".  I took notes on my phone and am glad I've decided to write it down.  They're not going to want to miss some of the answers that that hour on my lap produced.

1. If you could be an animal - what would you be?
B: An Orangutan.  Because I like the name and how they have really long arms.
K: A chicken.  Because I like how they go bok bok bok and I like to eat eggs.  

2. If you could go on vacation right now, where would you go? 
B: Africa.  That place is cool.
K: Starbucks, then McDonalds, then Panera.  {Hungry much?}

3. If you could be a piece of clothes - what would you be. (what color, what's on it and why?) 
B: A shirt.  It would be yellow with ghosts on it.  It would be a zip up short sleeved, because it's hot in Africa.
K: Shoes with rocketships.  So I can go fast. 

4. If you had to eat one food every day for all your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners - what would it be? 
B: Bananas.  Because orangutans like bananas.
K:  Macaroni and cheese.  Because it's my favorite.  You make it awesome, mommy.  

5. If you could be a plant or a rock, what would you be and why?
B: Rock.  Because I'd be a whistling rock.  That would be my defense against predators. {Rocks have predators???}
K: Plant. Because I'd be a blue plant.  Plants are alive, not dead like rocks.  

6. If you could drive - what kind of car would you drive? 
B: An off road racer.  Because I like to go off-road and I like to do it fast.
K: A fast car.  Like a Corvette.  So I can match Daddy.  

7. If you could have a pet - what kind of pet would you have? 
B: A bug.  Half ladybug - half butterfly.  I'd call it a lady fly.
K: A zebra.  I'd ride it to work and black and white are awesome colors.  

8. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
B: A rockstar that sings about crazy stuff.
K: An astronaut.  {In light of the recent NASA developments - I prompted him to give me another answer.}
 A Table. 

9. How much does that job pay? 
B: $165 an hour  {Must be an indie artist...}
K: $55 dollars an hour to be a table.  {Maybe I need to look into this being a table thing...}

10.  Where do you want to live when you grow up? 
B: In Borneo for a while. Then when I'm old I'll move to Nigeria.
K: At home with mommy and daddy.  

11. Do you want kids?
B: Yes.  95 girls.  All twins.  {A Siamese in there somewhere then?} 20 boys.  All twins.  {At least he's cutting his baby momma's work in half?}
K: Yes.  One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten. (On his fingers)  All sisters.  

I like my kids.  They're funny.

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Christine said...

That siamese comment did it for me...You are halarious!