Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've Teased You Enough...

Where does the time go????  Seven months already???  Geesh.

Happiest baby, ever.  


West Coast is the shit, man. 

Last month he was 17.5 lbs.
26 inches long?
He sits, rolls, and laughs at everything.
He has four teeth.
He loves, apples, bananas, avacados, blueberries, pears and pizza.   (No.  Not joking...) 
He does not like cucumbers or watermelon.
He loves to say "mama".  He sings it, screeches it, says it, mumbles it.  It's all about the mama.
He sleeps better at night now.  But he's still in his Rock 'n' play, because he refuses to sleep lying on his back. He also has comandeered our bathroom as his bedroom. I know it will eventually end, so I'm just trying to remain chill about our unusual sleeping arrangement.  Somedays, it's easier than others.

Towards the end in this video, you can hear Hubband ask "who is this?".  He was pointing to me.  Holdeezy knows and loves his mama!
(Ok, maybe not.  But - please don't burst my bubble!)

4 reviews:

PADA said...

He is priceless!

Mrs. Wookie said...

So he doesn't like the water-logged fruits and veggies...lol.

chambanachik said...

Aww! I love him!

Anonymous said...

Seriously the cutest baby ever!! So wonderful! Made me happy!