Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yes. My shirt IS on backwards.

(This post may contain graphic photos...)

Today was T-Day.  
The day of my triathlon. 

Packed, organized and ready to go! 

Chattin' it up with friend in transition, pre-race. 

The boys and my Hubband made this race for me.  They were awesome.
I feel loved, supported and encouraged to continue.
Thanks boys. 

Graphic photo coming up! 
In the queue (Why is it spelled like that?  Seriously?)
[le sigh.  I used to have decent legs...]

And. I'm off. 

I'm not completely sure how I feel about the pool snake swim.
But do you see those three guys right behind me?
They ALL decided to pass me.  AT THE SAME TIME.
Do you know how they did it?
By swimming ON TOP of me.
I lost a bit of time there, obvs. 

Not completely thrilled with the swim.
Also, not in focus...

Bike portion.

I'm an animal!
I borrowed this bike from a friend.  She was SO awesome to let me borrow it. Truly.
I have now learned why I need an actual road bike or Tri-bike if I plan to continue this.
[into transition 2]

Out of transition 2.  

[thank you baby Jesus.]

I finished at 1:19. 56 - or something like that.

Swim - 11 minutes.  (NOT a good time, and slower than I was expecting.)
Bike: 38 minutes.  (7 minutes faster than my goal.  If I get a lighter bike, I might get faster yet!)
Run: 26 minutes. (Exactly at target speed.  For a half marathon. Owell.)

I ranked One-hundred-somethingth [lower end of the 100's] out of almost four hundred.  385?
I placed 8th in my age group.

I feel tired now.
But, I've learned a lot.  (Like, don't take a gel you've never taken before.  It *might* make you puke half a mile into the run){ok, it totally made me puke.}
Also, next time I'm not even going to bother putting a shirt on...

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Rochelle said...

You. Are. Awesome.

That is all.

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You rock girl! Congratulations