Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Bites.

I recently jumped the Pinterest bandwagon.  The plethora of new ideas out there is amazing.  Uh-MAZE-inG!

There was a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Bites that swam my way and I decided to run with it.  Except - I never looked at the recipe.  I just looked at the picture and said "I can do that".  

And, I did.  Because, the Hubband loves buffalo chicken and needed some show of luvin's.  

Sadly - I didn't shoot the finished product. We were so hungry we made those things disappear like David Copperfield.

Here's what I did.  

Boiled the chicken in a broth, then let cool and had the boys shred it.
Then I heated the shredded chicken with some sharp cheddar, bleu cheese and "Franks Buffalo Hot Sauce".  I popped a top on a Woodchuck Hard Cider.
Finally, I wrapped that in some Pillsbury crescent roll stuff,  then baked.

Now, Hubband is full, happy, and willing.
To buy me an entry into this race.  muahahahahahahahahaha! 

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Rochelle said...

Yum! Double yum if you include the post-race goodness. :)