Thursday, July 14, 2011

I WAS going to post about Holdeezy turning Seven months, but I'm posting about this, instead.

My day has been interesting so far.  Not bad.  Just interesting.

*The boys, of course, were up too early.  After talking to themselves in their beds until 9:30 pm.

*Coffee, laundry, and breakfast - all before 7:30am.

*Bought the Papa Petrone's groupon.  I love me some scramble bread!!! 

*Showered, Dressed, facespaced, pinterested, and then left to run some errands.
I had seen a super sale on running gear at Dicks and had to check it out.  I managed to score a $70 dollar pair of compression shorts for $16.  WIN!  
The boys have been saving their "allowance" in order to purchase a Captain America Shield and a Real Thor Hammer.  Also, managed to get my favorite mascara and eyeliner for just $5.  Hubband can now stop saying things like "It costs too much money for you to make yourself pretty for other people."  

*While out on errands, I gave one of my fruit and nut bars to a homeless guy.  Who gave it back, because "he doesn't eat that shit". (His sign, ironically - said "will do anything for money, or food".)  His wife/partner/sister/mother snatched it back from me and said "ignore the douche bag, thank you and God Bless".

*Then The B-rox told "the most funniest joke in the world" Q: What do you call a potato and a shoe?  A: A  shoe potato.  Both boys lost their breath laughing.  I was definitely missing something there.

*On the way into Target, the lady in the car across from me noticed the rosary I have dangling from my rearview mirror.  She politely informed me "Catholicism is a sin, and I can show you the true Jesus Christ."  I said nothing.  I really wanted to tell her to eff off, but that wouldn't be very christian - now would it?  Also, Hubband would be mad if I taught them that word.  On pinterest, I recently saw a button that said "If only closed minds came with closed mouths".  I let out a little "Amen" when I read it.

*In Target I had a really nice conversation with a really old lady about how I should keep trying for a little girl.  Explaining to her that I can't have any more kids did nothing to deter her from her opinion.  Then we discussed how she thinks it's stupid that all of the personal hygiene items are in one section of Target.  Except for the hair care.  Which is halfway across the store.  I agree.  Though, not because my hips can't handle that much walking... 

*Walking out of Target - the boys and I almost got Linda Blaired.  There was a girl (probably 10 or 11 years old) who had an incredibly upset stomach.  She was just outside of the exit puking up her guts - towards the exit, instead of away and bawling.  While her mother and older sister just squealed "eeeewwww, gross, OMG".  I handed the poor girl some wipes, turned her away from the exit, told her I hoped she felt better soon and I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do about her whack of a mother.  Completely erasing my good karma moment from earlier.  C'est la vie.  She stopped crying, thanked me and tried to clean herself up while she puked her way to the car.  As her mother squealed, "You're not getting in my car until you knock that off", behind her.

*And now I'm home.  Preparing for my trip to the post office today.  Because, well... You never know what you're going to find there... 

*A bird flew into my window just now.  I hate birds.

Time to get back to laundry.
Because this is what the kid wore to bed last night.
Christmas Jammies that are too small... So they're only pulled halway up his rear,
And his St. Patrick's day onesie.  

Video 1: Happy Velocibaby. 

Video 2: I'm a bear!  

Yes.  These videos are mostly for the enjoyment of the Grammas.  Though, that doesn't mean you can't think he's the cutest baby in the whole wide world!  {because, I do}

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Brumbach Family said...

So I think Holdeezy and Blazer should hang out. They both have the velocibaby vocals and "growling" down. I think that would make for a great nature cd, quite possibly and appropriately named "Sounds from the Jurassic Zoo."