Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stealing a moment.

With the computer.  That I just turned on four minutes ago.

As my mother so nicely pointed out in a text today - I have not apprised people of Kenny's sitch.

He has a green stick fracture.  I'll explain in a later post what that is. 
He is NOT in a cast, they've decided splinting is the best way to do it.  (Idiots)
He seems to be healing very quickly - which is putting my mind at ease about their prophecies of tissue damage.
We'll re-assess in two weeks.
Lindsay, in answer to your instacare question:  We are tri-care.  We pay $0 for any ER visits made.  Wait times can be a pain in the ass, but it's literally across the street from our house - so mondo convenient.  

That is all I can write right now.  I'm going to steal these next few moments to actually take a breath.
Before Hubband goes back to work for the night.  

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