Saturday, June 4, 2011

Date Night!

I am in love with both of these people.  They're amazeballs. 
No, we didn't steal reservations - or get chased by killers.  Nor am I gorgeous like Ms. Fey.  

However, we did have a date night.  I got dressed up, met Hubband in DC and then partied like it was 1999.
Not really.  But kind of.  

A quick stop at Starbucks to kill a little time... and hydrate.
First tasting stop.  A little bit of home.
A funny piece of info - my senior prom was held at this brewery.  

Also - in case my Mom... or someone else who loves me very much ever wants a good gift idea?
Send me some of The Dissident.  That is one hell of an amazing beer.

In action...
So not photogenic...

Perusing for the next kill... er... tasting.

The National Building Museum is beautiful.  Seriously beautiful!

BBQ + Beer  at the same party = Awesome.
BBQ + Beer in the same bottle = Disgusting.
This brew is made with liquid smoke.  Gross.
But, it has a moose
The building is gorgeous - but the bathrooms are weird.
They're see-thru.
I'm glad I didn't notice until after I'd taken off my roos and lifted my dress... 
Continuing the unphoto-genesis...

Looking for food.
I ate a lot.
Like the mini-apple pies.
Or the sushi
Or anything else they had out.
I didn't hesitate to knock a beech down cut in line for food. 
From the uncrowded, un-see-thru upstairs bathrooms.  
Channeling my inner SR in the non-see-thru-non-crowded bathrooms upstairs.
This guy made my night.
(The ticket said to wear business casual/cocktail attire)
Salmon blazer, cargo shorts and reef sandals. 

Time to metro home.
You should have seen all the booze in that station....

Us again.

(Btw, the pictures don't do me justice.  I really did look hawt.  I was told so.  By strangers.
Which must mean it's true...) 

Great night.  
Happy Birthday Hubband.

3 reviews:

Karen said...

What an awesome date night! And you look hawt.

Mrs. Wookie said...

I love the second to last picture of you two! New FB photo!

The Frizzle said...

Looked like fun! I like the last picture best; metro never looked so uptown classy.