Monday, June 20, 2011

Entertainment In-Lap.

We've been having some wonky weather so I've had several barometrically induced ankle aches.  During one this past weekend, I was trying desperately to entertain a very tired baby.  IN my lap, so I could keep the rice pack on my ankle and not cry.

He's a natural for the self-portraiture and I also expect to see him on youtube here in the near future.

The iPhone 4 has that nifty turn the camera around for emo shots.
Babies find themselves very entertaining.

"Pssst.  Mom's a creeper."

"This guy is funny."

"Just a little adjustment here..."

"Do a little dance, make a little love... get milk tonight."

"Self timer fail."

"Dad, you're so silly.  Looking."

"Oh crap!  I let my head get away from me!"

"I'm back and awesome as ever."

I'm not sure who was more entertained.  Him or me?

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Summer said...

OMG. I love babies. What a cutie!