Friday, June 10, 2011

Comment Palooza!

Dear anonymous meany-head commenter:
You suck.  I did not publish your comment because I will not have you swearing at me.  How RUDE!
It is not your business how I donate my time or money to anything. It should not matter to you how often, to whom, or how I donate.  I was told to do good works because they make you feel good - not so you can brag about them.  [Though, bragging is awesome when it's done like this. Thanks for sharing about Family Promise, Karen.  I'll definitely be looking into it more.] 
Also, I don't know how your household works, but 32 rolls of toilet paper is SO not more than my family can possibly use.  It's probably 2 or 3 months worth.

Ashley, Here's a little more on how I do the coupons:

Sunday, the Washington Post delivers four Sunday papers (Got a deal for 59 cents per paper, roughly the newsstand cost of one.) and Hubband and I go through to separate the Redplum/smart source/P&G inserts.  Piling like pages.  Then I go through, cut all coupons at the same time and file them in my binder.
I also peruse the weekly circulars to pair up sales with the coupons.  Then I make a quick note of what/where/when I need to use and plan accordingly.

The extra papers are driven across the street to the homeless shelter.  (Because we're awesome, but not awesome enough to read the same paper four times over.) 

My trip to Bloom was fabulous, because on the first and seventh of the month they doubled coupons up to $1.99 - so I intentionally took my bigger coupons in and hit their matching sales.

The "one coupon per purchase" means one coupon per item not per transaction.  (If they mean transaction - they'll say it).

Also, most stores will have items on sale and/or a store coupon for the item that can be paired with the manufacturers coupon (found in the paper).

Most stores also double smaller coupons, regularly.  Our favorite grocery store doubles coupons up to 99 cents.
Hopefully that answers your question.  If not, ask again.  :)

I appreciate all the wonderful comments!  It's good to hear from you.

To everybody else that comments... Is your brain leaking out of your ears yet?  Reading me too much might cause your brain to melt!  But thanks for taking the risk.

3 reviews:

Karen said...

1. The commenter is an asshat.

2. When reading your fist paragraph, I was like 'uh oh, oops...' and then I read the very nice thing about me. I hope it didn't come off as bragging.

3. I miss living close to Bloom. We have the commissary and Wal-Mart. That. is. all. Ugh.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

OK, that did help. I need to look into this a little more. I had no idea about things like coupons being doubled on certain days and adding store coupons with merchant coupons. OH ME OH MY!

To know the store coupon deals do you just look online? This still all baffles me..

Tricia said...

Hi Sarah,

Whatever happened to the old adage of..if you don't have something nice to say leave it in your head and forget about it? Seesh, I mean really!

32 rolls is so not a lot. My mom Lynn (Mark's aunt) use to get packs of TP from our gramps when I was a little kid...that and ham were some of her fave gifts. I think you're great and your posts sometimes really helps in lightening up a day of work when it's gray (we did manage to pull out a few days of sun) and the electrical circuits are getting boring. Reading your fantastic blogs and seeing the pics can make me smile :)

I'm still on the lookout for the perfect colors of orange and black for you....I'll be rechecking the stores this weekend coming up (who figured that orange was such a popular color? The yarn I want will be restocked sometime this week), so when Peg comes back your bag will be with her :) to go have a great day!