Sunday, January 25, 2009


My second oldest cousin (from Uncle Bub and Aunt De - duh) is Blake. Or, when typing his name into Raving Rabbids - BLA. Yeah, we thought it was funny too.
The last day that I was there, I went with my aunt to pick him up from the school and he had a surprise for me.

He dug in his backpack for a few minutes and pulled this out:
I was a little confused at first, but he quickly explained that he remembered from the other night when we played "Scene It - Disney Edition" I had said Ariel was my favorite. So when he saw that a girl in his class had this pencil - he asked if he could trade so he could give this one to his cousin Baka. Isn't that super sweet? Hey guys watch this....I'm gonna lick the cactus! (ok ok, I asked him to pose - he's such a ham I knew it would be funny)

While at the zoo we referred to him as "mapquest". You can't really see it, but this is the view we had of him most of the time we were there. He was our trail blazer with that map. (Even though they go to the zoo once a month and pretty much have the lay of the land...)

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