Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year...

And a happy new blog! Somebody mentioned that I should revamp for the new year. Alright, its been revamped. I am having a bit of a problem with my header though - does anybody know how to make it bigger? Send me any hints you can think of...

Anyway, we spent new years with our cousins, Kevin, Jill and Joey and my aunt and uncle who were (and I'm pretty sure still are) visiting. We went bowling. If you want to figure out how to stretch one game of bowling out as long as possible - take a two and a three year old with you. The adult game lasted forever! Between helping the kiddos get their ball down the lane, keeping them from sticking their heads in the ball shooter backer (I'm lacking a technical term here...), and getting them food, we didn't pay as much attention to our game. In the end though - Jill and I took the victory. But, I have to give the credit to Jill, who managed to get a high score - while carrying a baby around under her shirt. Go Jill! Hopefully, when Jill has some free time (yup, I'm sure you have tons of it Jill.... jk) she'll send me a few pictures of Braxton's first time bowling.

Then we went back to the cuz's house and ate food. Yummy yummy food. They made a seven layer dip. That was delicous. I learned a couple of days later that I'm like the only person ever to not have ever had it before. I'm pretty sure somebody told me that meant I've been living under a rock.

Then we played Apples to Apples. If anyone is looking for a party game, I totally reccomend it. It was awesome.

Then the ball dropped - and we took our kids (who had yet to fall asleep yet - sorry Kevin and Jill!) packed them up in the car and drove home.

It was a good evening. It was especially fun since Mark and I had figured we'd just go to bed at the normal time (how old are we really?).

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Jillyn said...

It was a fun party! Thanks so much for coming! You know you guys were the life of it right? And I will send pics right now! Man, guilt trip! :)