Thursday, January 8, 2009

My View From Three Feet Up...

A post by Braxton Xavier.

Hi peoples. Gramma and Pa Hat gave a camera for my Christmas. I like to take pictures of Kenny, the wall, mommy and my car seat. Its a blue camera. Its really good. I like it. That's my Gramma. She's drinking Starbucks. She's getting out of her green car.
That's my mommy and daddy. We were in the car for so so so long. Then we stopped at a dirty potty and I said NO, I don't have to go potty!
That's my brother Kenny. He was sitting in his high chair eating food. He's a crazy Kenny.
Those are my daddy's feet. He's a big daddy. He tickles me and gives me baths. I love him.
That's my mommy. She says no no no no cookies. She reads me Curious George. She's like a princess.
My mommy took this picture. That is Joey with me. We went to the aquarium today. There was rays, and sharks and a dolphin show. Jill was there. Marj was there too. But Kevin and Daddy wasn't there. I didn't cry though. Joey cried, but she was tired. So her mommy said "Jowin no crying!".
That is a turtle.

Those are fishes. They were big big fishes. They were by the sharks. Mom said Braxton stay with mommy. So I was jumping and waiting for mom. Then the sharks were there. Oooh, scary big sharks. I like the rays.

Then we went to our house and Mommy said "in a minute we can drive fast. We have to wait for stupid people".

~This is Sarah again. That folks, was a post by Braxton. Hopefully you understood that he recieved his own camera and took a bunch of pictures. I just uploaded them and then he told me he wanted to "vlog". So I let him tell me about some of the pictures he took and typed it out. Those words above are his, not mine. The only time I intervened was to cut it a little shorter than he dictated and when the grammar was so atrocious I couldn't help but fix it. He's a pretty cute kid eh?~

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Em said...

that's awesome.

Oliver Blog said...

Hey sure is a cute kid. Loved the part about what you said about "stupid drivers"

PADA said...

I had a great time at the aquarium. It was more entertaining watching Braxton and Joey than the marine life. I loved the vlog. By the way, PADA is the name that my grandson, Tucker, gave me when he was about 2 and it stuck. So when you see it, know that it is Marj.