Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sappy Sappy Mushy Mush

This morning I woke up and noticed one of those little things my husband does, that make me feel special. So, I felt it was time for a blog post in his honor.

~Mark always puts one of my two favorite coffee cups right next to the coffee pot in the morning.
~He wakes up at 5am (plus a couple of hits on the snooze...) every work day. He doesn't get upset that I don't get up with him to make his lunch or do more than mumble "I love you, have a good d... zzzz".
~He picks up the slack around the house for me when I'm just too tired to do it. Even though I know he's tired, and has also worked a full day.
~He let me get a job - that DOESN'T pay - because he knew it would make me happy.
~He does the dishes 90% of the time because he knows it is my least favorite chore. (I would rather scrub all three bathrooms everyday)
~He makes me laugh. Seriously - the stuff that comes out of that mans mouth keeps me from breathing occasionaly.
~He puts up with me.
~And my personal favorite - He thinks he's a ninja.

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Jillyn said...

Okay I cant believe you outed him on the blog about being a ninja! Too funny! And yeah it is true Mark is a great guy! And I think it is sweet that you recognize it! Go you two!

Lindsay said...

Maybe he can teach me some ninja moves! I can't find your e-mail address in my address book and I need to ask you some questions ASAP about DC. Will you e-mail me your address?

Lindsay said...

Ok. I just noticed you have comment control on, so I'll leave the questions here and then don't publish this. Then you can just e-mail me the answers.
I may possibly be coming to DC to shoot a wedding (if the girl hires me) so i have a few questions. If I come alone (Mike might come with me) is there any chance I could crash at your place the night before and after the wedding? I know it's alot to ask, but I'm poor. :)
If Mike comes, we're thinking of maybe flying into New York a few days before and then driving to DC. Is it a long drive? Is there some cool country to drive through?
And where would be a good place to stay in DC? Preferably close to the DC LDS temple (but not mandatory).
I've got to give the girl a bid by tomorrow so I'm trying to work out logistics and find out how much it will all cost.
Thanks my friend.