Monday, January 12, 2009

Done in the nick of time.

One of my hobbies is quilting. Last year before Kieran was born, I went on a quilting spree. It's a great pasttime for those who are ginormo preggo. Anyway, because of all the material I ended up buying on this spree I got a 75% off one item coupon. So I went in, browsed around and found an adorable quilt in a box kit. With the coupon it cost all of like ten dollars. Shortly after that I popped and up until November I had not pulled the sewing machine out for anything. But with the Christmas season approaching I thought some female out there could use a quilt made by an amateur. The female that we decided on was my little cousin Desirae. She's all of six now. The best part is that she's a girl so I can get her pink and girly things. Something my life distinctly lacks. So I put it together enjoying the pinkness of it all. After some swearing, un-stitching, restitching and a few pictures the end result is fairly awesome - imperfections and all.
This is the detail stitch I used on the binding. I call it egyptian waves, Mark calls it box in a box, and the sewing machine calls it "decorative stitch #46".

In all its pink and girly glory.

I already have plans for my next quilt - and who's getting it. They just don't know it yet.

2 reviews:

Meggie said...

I really like the egyptian waves stitch. It kinda makes me dizzy if I stare too long at it, and I can totally see why you would curse ripping out that bad boy. The quilt it fab, btw!

Jillyn said...

Funny I am taking up puzzles in my ginormo preg time! The quilt turned out awesome!