Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

After a week spent on the surface of the sun, I'm back home. Even though my trip got off to a really rough start, I had an absolute blast. The rough start was this; I had never, ever - ever spent a night away from my kids. The thought of a whole week was getting pretty tough to fathom. Then, Braxton got the stomach flu. So, the day before I left was spent catching vomit. (I am pretty good at it though - You shoulda seen my wicked awesome moves on the stairs.) That night I almost had a complete meltdown. I mean, what mom can leave her kids while they're sick? Well, I am lucky and Mark's mom talked some sense into me. (Thanks Peggy!) It wasn't just me leaving, the boys were too. They were headed down to Disney World with Mark's parents. So I could cancel my trip, but they were still gonna go. So, I sucked it up and figured the stomach flu doesn't usually last very long, and Mark is more than capable of handling it. (Though maybe not as awesome at catching it in the bowl...) Anyway, I left the next morning without too many tears. (The boys shed none...) Made my way across the united states and was welcomed into the arms of my aunt, uncle, cousins and sister. We ate dinner then went home to go to bed. Then I woke up with the same bug Braxton had. Awesome. They took me to the zoo that day, but all I really remember about it was trying to find inconspicuous places to upchuck. Fun right? Well, after that day my trip looked up considerably. (We won't go into the horrors of Mark and the boys' trip to Orlando.) Anyway, I'll be posting many, many posts. Hopefully less rambling than this one.

Me and the cuz's at the "big" zoo. We went to two zoos. I am obviously NOT sick at this one.

Aren't we cute?

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Jillyn said...

Hey glad you had a good time, minus the puke and the tears! Hope you had fun! and Glad you are back! As I am sure Mark is :)

PADA said...

Glad that you had a good time but I still want to hear about Orlando. Did you see the cute picture of Braxton that I posted on our blog (Craig and Marj)?