Saturday, January 31, 2009

We Are Glad to Have You, and Other Funny Stuff.

I'm going to tell a couple of quick anecdotes from the last couple of days because I need to get them down while my brain is still remembering. I can't find my journal - second place to put it all down is the blog.


For those of you who don't know this, I work in an ER just down the road from me. Anyway, last night as I was ducking into an empty room (before it filled up) to grab gloves, I noticed something I haven't before - and I've even spent a night in that ER. They have boards (like most hospitals) so they can scribble the name of the nurse, dr., and patient rep. As well as what labs they're waiting on etc. Well, last night I noticed that at the very top of the board it says "We're Glad To Have You Here!". Whoa...

The other night Mark had a hankering for some "S.M.H. McDaniel Nachos". The only problem with this is that I hadn't made chili the day previously. (I make a batch of fabulous chili, then use the leftovers for nachos the next night. One day of work, two nights of food!) So, Mark sent me to the store to go buy some inferior canned chili in hopes that it would work for this one night. Well, Braxton decided he wanted to go with me. No problem there. We went through and found everything on our list but chili. So we were wandering around Wegmans trying to find a can of chili. I told Braxton that I need his eyes to help me find the chili.
He reaches up and starts squishing his eyes, yanking on his eyelids, pulling then says: "but mom, they're stuck!" Children are sooo literal. Love it.

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Lindsay said...

Wait? You work in an ER? What do you do?