Sunday, June 29, 2008


Just so you know, this is my 100th post on this blog! You probably didn't care. Thats okay.
Okay, anyway...
Today we went into "the district". It was hot as hades, and the museum was packed to the rafters it seemed. We still had fun though. I got some good shots, and some not so good shots. However, I'm still going to post some of the not so good shots, just for comedic value.

Here we go folks!
Aren't we good little kids taking public transportation????
Ooooh, pretty!
More pretty....
Apparently all they had blooming in the butterfly habitat were pink flowers.
Was anybody aware that Lady Justice is nekkid?????? Yes, those are BOOBS!
So, giraffes have this valve that closes off the blood vessels in their neck when the bend down so that they don't overflow their brain and pass out. Taking a sip of water is quite the task. I decided that sometimes it doesn't suck so much to be short.
This is when it does. Yes, that is me in the reflection (I purposely took the picture this way). Yes, that is how tall I am compared to that Grizzly.
This Wulfenite is the MOST gorgeous shade of orange ever. After seeing this I wanted to be made out of Wulfenite. They apparently melt it down and seperate it for the lead content... I thought lead was bad?!?!
Do I really need to say anything?????
This picture was taken solely for my Uncle John and Aunt Kathy. If they see this, they'll get it.
And end credits!

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Lindsay said...

Damn those racoons. Damn them!